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The Regina Bell Ringers, Inc. formed in 1976 to give an organized voice to the bell ringing community, including handbells and tower bells. The organization preserves the art of bell ringing by ensuring a professional presence in the Queen City. The professional bell ringers pass on their art through apprenticeship programs. There are exciting opportunities for bell ringers to integrate bells of all kinds with other artists and expand repetoire by writing their own music and reviewing compositions from around the world. The ringers work to establish more bell venues in and around the city of Regina. The Regina Bell Ringers maintain an archive to document all bell-related events.

The Organization

The Regina Bell Ringers is a city-wide organization. Members of all ages come from various backgrounds - with or without musical training - but with a common interest in bell ringing. The Regina Bell Ringers perform on a variety of instruments ranging from a few ounces to two tons in weight. The Handbell Choir rings Schulmerich handbells. Depending on the situation, the handbells are rung by soloists, small ensembles or a choir of up to fourteen ringers. The five octave set contains 86 individual bells. The largest weighs over twenty pounds. The handbell choir takes the bells to venues throughout the city and province to perform. Tower bells are hung on the top of buildings so the sound of the bells carries over the surrounding area. Wascana Chimes is a set of eight tubular bells. The Darke Memorial Chimes is a set of twelve large, English tower bells, the smallest weighs 300 pounds and the largest weighs two tons.

The Concerts

Concerts are performed for various functions. Funerals, weddings and state occasions. The Darke Memorial Chimes - Concerts Series run annually in the Fall. Wascana Centre concerts are scheduled throughout the summer.

The Professionals



The Regina Bell Ringers season never ends. Performances, rehearsals and apprenticeship training happen year round. For more information, contact: Carol Benesh at reginabellringers@accesscomm.ca.


Regina Bell Ringers, Inc.
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