Have Bells, Will Travel

That seems to be the motto of the handbell choir. Over the years, the handbells have performed throughout Regina and the province at Christmas parties, church services, long term care facilities, weddings, outdoors in the park, and even for the opening of the Legislative Assembly.

Two to five octaves of handbells are used depending on the number of ringers available. Knox Metropolitan Church and the City of Regina assisted with the purchase of the Schulmerich Handbells.

Each ringer in the handbell choir is assigned a set of bells. The experience of the ringer and the difficulty of the music dictates the number of bells assigned. A brand-new beginner starts with just one bell in one hand. An experienced ringer is usually responsible for three or four bells. Some ringers go beyond the standard handbell choir and perform as small ensembles. In this case, each ringer handles five to eight bells. Five ringers can ring three octaves of bells which normally takes ten ringers in a choir. A few ringers go even farther and perform solo ringing. The solo ringer is responsible for each and every note in the melody line and sometimes can even create harmony by playing four-in-hand - that's two bells in each hand.

The handbell choir designed a modular table system that is flexible for shaping the playing area and is portable. Each table is a wedge. Using the wedges all in one direction creates a curved-shaped playing area, almost a U. Using the wedges in alternating directions creates a straight-line playing area. Combinations of straights and curves give the handbell choir the best possible set up for the bell-ringing venue. In addition, the tables are always the right height and sturdy enough to hold the handbells.

In Concert at Knox Metropolitan Church


A wide range of music is performed. The handbell choir uses music published directly for handbells. A few of the members write or arrange music for the handbell choir. The handbells are not always used alone. Just a few of the other instruments we have performed with are:



solo voice

SATB choir

brass quintet





hand chimes



On occasion, multiple instruments are used - handbells, trumpets, choir and organ is an impressive sight and sound for the audience.

Regina Bell Ringers teach the techniques of handbell ringing to its members. The choir director and the more experienced ringers in the choir handle the teaching duties. As the ringer becomes more expeienced, the number of bells under control of the ringer increases and so do the number of techniques the ringer is able to perform.

The Handbell Apprenticeship Program is a method to advance ringers through each stage of learning in a handbell choir. It incorporates the technical skills of handbell ringing plus organizational skills needed to operate a handbell choir.

An interest in handbells, the desire to learn a new skill and the commitment to follow through are the requirements to join the Regina Bell Ringers Handbell Choir. Everyone in Regina and the surrounding area are welcome to join. All members may participate in the Apprenticeship Program but it is not mandatory.

There is currently no active bell choir. For more information, contact reginabellringers@accesscomm.ca


Regina Bell Ringers Inc.
2340 Victoria Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
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