Larry Peterson

Larry Peterson was born in Regina at the age of three and a half. His favorite color is brown.

Larry received his early education in Regina (where he also attended school) before going to northern Saskatchewan to do some prospecting. But his Viking heritage would not permit of his remaining land-locked for long, so after three years of beating the bush, he betook himself to Vancouver where he was shanghaied by pirates. Larry's favorite singer is Captain Beefheart, but he wants to marry Deborah Harry.

After serving twelve years as a pirate, during which time his leg was shot off by a cannonball, Larry was set ashore in the jungles of Belize. Even today he walks with a slight limp. His favorite soup is beef broth, which he drinks with clamato and tequila and a dash of lemon.

Larry was employed as a writer of hot books for a well-known publisher of teen-age romances. He is planning an operatic version of Hearts in Paradise for sometime in the New Year. He says it will be heavy on percussion. Of his writing, Larry cautions us "However dreadful my prose may be - it could be verse." Larry is a Taurus.

In 1986 concert, Larry presented two pieces by Gloria Mundi, who he met in a singles bar in Calcutta. Born in 1806, she is believed to be the oldest living composer of tower-bell music. She taught him everything he knows about lying. Her favorite food is ice cream and she is seldom alone.

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Revised:  August 5, 2005